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M60 Digital on Shopify

M60 Digital On Shopify - Before


M60 Digital On Shopify - After


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Article: M60 Digital on Shopify

I’ve been a passionate advocate of Shopify ever since I started using it seriously over 5 years ago. In that time, I’ve developed a deep understanding of its capabilities and, while acknowledging its limitations and certain shortcomings, I firmly endorse the platform for its robust functionality and ease of use.

As someone who works with Shopify day in and day out, I decided to experiment by building my own non-ecommerce site using this platform. This allowed me to take advantage of a familiar technology stack, showcasing Shopify’s versatility as more than just an e-commerce tool but as a feature-rich content management system.

Building my site on Shopify also provided a sandbox to test new features and creative ideas that I might hesitate to implement on a client’s site. This freedom to experiment has allowed me to push the boundaries and explore the platform’s full potential.

The speed and efficiency with which I was able to create a content-rich portfolio site on Shopify left me thoroughly impressed. This experience reaffirmed my confidence in Shopify’s versatility and extensibility as a publishing platform.

As a dedicated supporter of Shopify, I will continue to advocate for its use and encourage others to explore its diverse capabilities. Whether for ecommerce or other web projects, Shopify offers a robust, user-friendly platform that can support a wide range of needs.

What my clients say...

Ciaron has been an invaluable part of our team for the past two years. He expertly guided us through the migration process from our bespoke platform to Shopify, and more recently to Shopify Plus. Throughout the entire journey, he provided unwavering support and development services that exceeded our expectations. We feel incredibly lucky to have him on board and look forward to continuing our partnership in the future.

Duncan, Weisters Ltd

We've been happily working with Ciaron at M60 digital for 15 years. As our business has grown he developed our website from a blog to online store on the Magento 1 platform and recently transferred the the entire system to Shopify with no disruption to our online trade.

His knowledge and expertise are spot on, he consistently delivers work above our expectations and he is always quick to implement any changes we require or problems we encounter.

Paul, Note Shop